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Ontajobs: The ideal job search in Ontario!

Our daily mission

In the shortest possible time:

  • help candidates find the best job
  • help companies find the best candidates

We are accelerating and streamlining the hiring process, with a mobile and desktop experience, for businesses and candidates in Ontario.

Simple, fast and interactive. Here's how we imagine the ideal job search.

Like all of you, we used many job search sites, sent thousands of resumes, and realized that hiring processes were endless. We also found that many people and businesses were dissatisfied with existing platforms.

It was time to disrupt the recruitment process and finally make things easier for everyone.

OntaJobs was born to allow candidates and recruiters in Ontario to increase their productivity while saving time.

Job seekers can now register in less than a minute, apply for a job offer in just one click and quickly access thousands of job postings. And all this from their mobile.

Recruiters are allowed to recruit anytime, anywhere, from any device. They can publish a job offer in minutes, manage large volumes of applications and get specific statistics related to each one.

Your job offer is automatically musticast and sent directly to our candidates!