Communication jobs in Mississauga, Ontario : 24 Job(s) found

Warehouse supervisor

  • Mississauga
  • Yogti

Train workers in duties and policies. Resolve work related problems. Prepare and submit reports. Establish work schedules and procedures. Ensure smooth operation of computer equipment and...

Electronics technician, fire alarms

  • Mississauga
  • Mac 1 Industries Ltd

Adjust, align, replace or repair electronic equipment and assemblies. Supervise other electronic equipment service technicians. Install, maintain and repair electronic equipment. Inspect and test...

Employment agency general manager

  • Mississauga
  • Avanciers Incorporated

Authorize and organize the establishment of major departments and associated senior staff positions. Allocate material, human and financial resources to implement organizational policies and...

Metal band saw operator

  • Mississauga
  • Terra Nova Steel & Iron Inc.

Operate and set up machines to perform repetitive machining operations. Clean and maintain work space. Verify dimensions of parts machined using precise measuring instruments (e.g., micrometers,...

Child caregiver - private home

  • Mississauga
  • Shaweta Roopra

Tend to emotional well-being of children. Take children to and from school and to appointments. Supervise and care for children. Prepare and serve nutritious meals. Organize, activities such as...

Legal assistant

  • Mississauga
  • Galyna Pribtykova

Determine and establish office procedures and routines. Prepare and key in correspondence and legal documents. Review and proofread documents and correspondence to ensure compliance with legal...


  • Mississauga
  • New Hot & Sour Restaurant

Train staff in preparation, cooking and handling of food. Supervise kitchen staff and helpers. Recruit and hire staff. Order supplies and equipment. Manage kitchen operations. Inspect kitchens and...


  • Mississauga
  • 2597370 ONTARIO INC

Reconcile accounts. Prepare trial balance of books. Post journal entries. Calculate fixed assets and depreciation. Maintain general ledgers and financial statements. Calculate and prepare cheques...

Office administrator

  • Mississauga

Carry out administrative activities of establishment. Administer policies and procedures related to the release of records in processing requests under government access to information and privacy...