Finance jobs in Ontario : 5 Job(s) found

Auditor - finance

  • Kingston
  • Independent Living Centre Kingston

Examine accounting records. Ensure accuracy and compliance to accounting standards, procedures and internal control. Prepare reports and audit findings Provide financial, business and tax advice....

Investment counsellor - personal finances

  • Longlac
  • Caisse populaire Alliance limitée

Review and examine financial services and institutions to ensure compliance with governing legislation and regulation. Make recommendations concerning cash management, insurance coverage,...

Logistics manager - transportation

  • Stouffville
  • Auciello Stables

Establish and implement policies and standards for the transportation and storage of goods. Oversee the scheduling and dispatching of vehicles and goods. Arrange for shipping documentation and the...

Methods engineer

  • Concord
  • SEI

Plan and design plant layouts and facilities. Establish programs and conduct studies to enhance industrial health and safety or to identify and correct fire and other hazards. Develop flexible or...