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Is it difficult to find work in Ontario?

Is it difficult to find work in Ontario?

It is not easy to find work in Canada that matches your skills and experience. You need to know what employers expect in your profession or field and in the city where you plan to settle.

The government will not look for a job for you. They have programs that will help you find a job, but these programs will not offer work for you. Those who tell you that they can guarantee a job probably sell you something and you end up without money and without a job.

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There are many phases during the job search that may be different from what you are used to doing. You may even find the idea of having to look for a job very strange.

Some professions and trades are regulated by provincial professional regulatory bodies. This means that you need a license.

Obtaining a licence may take time if you have been trained outside Canada. Regulators may not accept the qualifications you obtained outside Canada, or you may need more training, education or exams.

You may first work in an unregulated job in your field. This can be a good way to use your skills and gain Canadian work experience.

If you thought that migrating to a new country and starting a new life would be easy, stay there. The immigration experience can be very rewarding for you and your family. There are many examples of successful immigrants to Canada. In fact, many of the country's most successful businesses were created by immigrants. But it is not an easy process, especially in the early years.

Have an action plan for your arrival. Be prepared and know what to expect.

It is after this that your immigration experience can start with a positive first step when you arrive in Canada.