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Oct 03, 2018
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Oct 03, 2018
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Full time

General Machinist

N.O.W. & Associates Inc Is looking for: General Machinist

The General Machinist who reads and interprets complex engineering drawings and documents; cuts shapes, machines and finishes precision parts; sets up and operates conventional machines and equipment; and performs measurements and inspections using specialized precision tools and equipment.

Core competencies

  • Trade certification with minimum of five years experience

  • Experience in cutting, shaping and finishing metal precision parts

  • Experience setting up and operating conventional cutting equipment including saws, drills, grinders, lathes and mills

  • Read and interpret engineering drawings

  • Perform calculations for machining operations

  • Identify, select and use proper tooling

  • Identify and use proper machine settings, feeds and controls

  • Design, layout and build jigs and fixtures

  • Verification and inspection using precision measurement tools

    Key responsibilities & duties

1.      Read and interpret engineering drawings

2.      Perform calculations for machining operations

3.      Read and interpret work documents

4.      Verify materials as per drawings

5.      Identify and use correct cutting tools and fluids

6.      Identify and check machine controls and systems

7.      Select machine speeds and feeds

8.      Design, layout and build jigs, fixtures and other holding devices

9.      Cut, shape and finish precision-machined parts

10.  Drilling, tapping, threading and deburring

11.  Ensure safe operating practices and preventative maintenance of machines

12.  Verification, measurement and inspection of dimension and surface finish of parts

Required qualifications, knowledge, skills & abilities

  • Trade certification with minimum of five years experience


General Machinist
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