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Privacy Policy

The virtual world is currently applying unprecedented pressure on the lives of all of us, whether on a personal or professional level. The tide of information that we deliver to the Internet goes far beyond our ability to analyze, or to manage the content or the importance of the information received. It is for this reason that OntaJobs.com, wanted to be different, simple and flexible in the big as the small details, it thus allows each user to browse a verified content while preserving his privacy. The surfaceOntaJobs.com, applies at this level the different principles in accordance with the global practices of the management of the electronic documentation of the customers.

To introduce its users to the various security recommendations, OntaJobs.com invites its visitors to read carefully the confidentiality of each document read or address visited. Since the charter of each online direction can support regular changes or changes.

Identities of the users:

Our platform OntaJobs.com, does not require any of its users, to disclose information about his private life. Generally, the type of personal data requested during your first registration, hardly exceeds, the name, first name, email, and postal code. The goal is to create each new member a correct identity, so that he can navigate the waves that encourage them.

The information collected is usually used to find the best recruitment offers, help each user approach the career best suited to his profile, alert people to the best job opportunities posted online, assist your browsing this either to change your profile, or to terminate your contract, as well as to complete your transactions, when buying a service.


Each new registrant will automatically receive an email confirming their data and registration on the OntaJobs.com platform. An email with a link confirming your membership application, by clicking on it, you confirm your registration, and you will be automatically redirected to the initial site. Remember, if you receive a request for confirmation of words of pass, OntaJobs.com advises you not to follow through. Since the email you received may be just a phishing attempt.

If users of the OntaJobs.com service looking for employment in the province of Ontario do not want to share any of their information, they will be allowed to browse only those areas that do not require registration, namely navigation. .

Curriculum vitae :

OntaJobs.com offers candidates the opportunity to share their career, via the '' resume '' section. At this level a set of information will be required for each user, namely the phone number. As for experiences, and training, these will be pleasantly useful for you to better distinguish yourself from other profiles; Online resume is your only way to attract more recruiters to you.

OntaJobs.com carefully protects the personal data of each of its users, the threats of loss, misuse, modification, distribution, as well as any other unauthorized access to your remarks.OntaJobs.com does not allow access to its resume bank, that 'to the premium part, which pays fees for use of this service.

Each candidate will be able, without constraint, to withdraw his resume of the bank OntaJobs.com, leaving a trace of storage on our waiters, for the sole purpose of a possible reuse on your part. You will also have the possibility to access your information for modification or updating of content.

Security :

With each transaction, via credit card or other means of online payment, the services guarantee you highly thought-out security measures to cover you at all risks during your e-commerce transactions. Your access to information in this way will require the use of a 256-bit encrypted code; The security factor, will prevent the disclosure or sharing of your data, with other users, except under certain conditions, it is emphasized: Authorization on your part to share.

Generally the information bank of OntaJobs.com, secures each file by a password with limited access. The data of search engine users are processed in Ontario, by OntaJobs.com, its agent agents or employees, where they are; The security features do not only concern the services OntaJobs.com, or banking organizations, it is a case also personal, which requires a great watch, in terms of sharing of personal data. In this sense it is emphasized, that each person using OntaJobs.com, must preserve its accesses. You must therefore keep your username, and your access code in one place sur.OntaJobs.com detaches itself from each loss of data, and can not be responsible for any damage caused by your sharing of the confidentiality elements concerning your access codes.

Parents' corner:

OntaJobs.com is a free platform, and not prohibited to children under 18, in this sense, the team OntaJobs.com, promotes that each family raises awareness of his children, in relation to the sharing of personal information or on the forms of the site, especially when filing a CV or exchanging with other people on the site, especially the category of recruiters.

Cookies :

Each creation of a new profile, alienates itself with the automatic creation on the basis of data of the OntaJobs.com engine of a number which identifies the latter compared to the other users. OntaJobs.com services, send afterwards on your Cookie hard drive, in the form of a witness. This will guarantee you navigation on the various pages of JobsWasher.CA without constraint, and without having to fill out forms with data that you have already delivered.

Generally, cookies are granted by default on your browser, and not on the basis of OntaJobs.com, they justify themselves as being a witness who does not disclose your identity online, they temporarily or permanently preserve all your information, such as the date or time of a consultation that you have stored. Cookies can be changed or rejected in your browser settings.

Application :

The platform OntaJobs.com allows each user to notify offenses found on the site. Whether it is from the technical team of the site OntaJobs.com, or other users who have not respected the current usage charter.