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Jobs at Dominis Engineering Ltd.

CNC Machine Operator

  • Ottawa
  • Dominis Engineering Ltd.

Dominis Engineering designs and manufactures propellers. The job will involve operation of horizontal boring mills and/or operation of vertical turning-milling...

Operations co-ordinator, property management

  • Ottawa
  • Homestarts Incorporated

Prepare expense and income reports. Prepare and administer contracts for property services, such as maintenance. Monitor progress and cost of work for property owners. Ensure response to trouble...

Inserting machine operator - printing

  • Ottawa
  • Talentcor

Set up and operate various specialized binding equipment and machines. Perform pre-production runs of binding or finishing jobs to verify output and to ensure that product specifications are met....


  • Ottawa
  • Windsor Home Cleaning

Wash windows, walls and ceilings. Vacuum carpeting, area rugs, draperies and upholstered furniture. Pick up debris and empty trash containers. Dust furniture. Disinfect operating rooms and other...

Executive assistant

  • Ottawa
  • SPI Consultants

Establish and co-ordinate administrative policies and procedures. Conduct research. Analyze incoming and outgoing memoranda, submissions and reports. Liaise with departmental and corporate...

Bus ticket agent

  • Ottawa
  • Ottawa Central Station Inc.

Accept cash payments. Unload, sort and route cargo and passenger baggage. Quote fares and rates. Provide information on cancellation, late arrival and other policies. Process credit cards, vouchers...

Office receptionist

  • Ottawa
  • Condominium Management Group

Record and relay information. Provide directory assistance. Perform clerical duties, such as filing and sorting and distributing mail. Obtain and process information required to provide services....

Service writer - auto repair

  • Ottawa
  • Kenworth Ontario

Access and process information. Receive payments. Maintain records and statistics. Issue receipts and other forms. Explain the type and cost of services offered. Arrange for billing for services....