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What are the highest paid jobs in Canada?

What are the highest paid jobs in Canada?

Indeed.com, one of Canada's largest job seeker sites, has just compiled a list of the most lucrative jobs in the country. The list is surprising, especially in the Quebec metropolis.

Data were compiled based on the average wage per job from 2015 to February 2017 in five major cities: Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Edmonton and Calgary.

Medical professions dominate the ranking in four of the five cities, while technological professions dominate in Montreal.

The profession of senior software engineer, for example, is the main one with an annual salary of $137,568. Next come senior manufacturing engineer ($109,424), software architect ($108,213) and database administrator ($107,309).

"Given its booming technology sector, Montréal is on its list of the highest paying jobs in the technology professions. Software engineers, software architects and Ruby on Rails developers are particularly well paid in the Quebec metropolis," explains Indeed Canada's Executive Director, Jodi Kasten.

In contrast, in Toronto, jobs requiring advanced post-secondary education are at the top of the list, especially in the medical field.

"And since the city is the financial capital of Canada, it's no wonder that financial professionals are also on the list," adds Mr. Kasten.

Indeed, cardiologists ($287,042), radiologists ($265,664), those who are the most highly paid, and those who hold the position of Vice-President of Business Development ($151,511), and Chief Estimator ($146,362) are not far behind.  

In Edmonton, doctors are the most highly paid, but they are also followed by construction managers and site supervisors.

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Senior Software Engineer $137,568

Senior Manufacturing Engineer $109,424

Software Architect $108,213

Database Administrator $107,309

Director, Regulatory Affairs $92,736

Tax Manager $89,215

Developer Ruby on Rails $88,995

Development Engineer $86,945

Architect $86,915

Mechanical Engineer $86,910


Cardiologist $287,042

Radiologist $265,664

Associate Professor $250,107

Oncologist $235,443

Physician $191,020

Vice President, Finance $169,027

Chief Medical Officer $156,319

Vice-President, Business Development $151,511

Chief Estimator $146,362

Director, Accounting $144,123


Emergency physician $290,444

Pediatrician $229,513

Vice President, Finance $142,022

Senior Product Manager $126,927

Enterprise Architect $126,080

Director, Development $124,632

Director of Software Engineering $124,399

Lawyer $123,027

Senior Software Engineer $119,355

Director, Procurement $117,434


Physician $236,155

Senior Project Manager $124,835

Director, Finance $117,923

Sales Representative $109,505

Construction Manager $108,364

Site Manager $107,700

Software Architect $104,644

Plant Manager $102,931

Lead Estimator $102,446

Director, Information Technology $96,953


Physician $227,036

Financial Modeller $165,062

Director, Business Development $142,563

General Practitioner $120,635

Tax Manager $119,237

Senior Project Manager $117,080

Sales Representative $115,086

Construction Manager $113,720

Site Manager $113,716

Director, Quality Assurance $110,830